Taking our Show on the Road

October 20, 2016

This Friday, October 21, DeForest Architects will lead a workshop at the 2016 Bend Design Conference. A two-day multidisciplinary event, Bend Design is “a celebration of design culture in the modern world” that features presentations, local business involvement, hosted dinner conversations, and workshops.

The title of our workshop, “Collaboration Next: From Hands-On to Holodeck” reflects our long-term quest to make the design process more engaging and accessible. If you’ve visited our office recently, you may have had the chance to explore an architectural model in Virtual Reality. (If not, stop by!) Well, we’ve decided to take this amazing new tool on the road to demonstrate the potential of combining what is local and remote, real and virtual, hands-on and high-tech.

In the 90-minute morning workshop, groups will brainstorm about design concepts for a Bike Support Shelter along one of the bike commuter routes in Old Bend. Throughout the day, our crack team, on-site and in Seattle, will bring one of the designs to life as a 3-dimensional model. At the closing reception, designers from our workshop will be able to walk through the structure they created, in VR!

We are excited about meeting other design-oriented people, learning what makes them curious, and sharing how we use technology to take the design experience to the next level.

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