Near, Far, and in VR

December 7, 2017

Something amazing happened yesterday. We toured a project with a friend, walking from room to room, discussing design features, assessing daylighting, and even drawing on the walls. And neither of us was “there”!? We were in Seattle and our friend was in Sun Valley.

To explain: we’re beta testers for Iris VR software that enables architects and clients to experience VR together but in different “real” locations. It is part of our ongoing quest to make design more accessible and collaborative. Why is this a big deal? Because it means that we can work more ‘closely’ with clients, wherever they are.

Watch one of our clients virtually experience his future home here!

We’ll still employ the full range of our design ‘toolbox’ including sketching; hand and computer models and renderings; and in-person site visits and workshops at strategic intervals. Multi-user VR (MVR) adds an intuitive way to experience design together while reducing travel. That is good for our clients and good for the planet.

Do you know someone who is planning a project (virtually anywhere) who would be interested in pioneering this technology with us? Email us at We’ll even discount the cost of setting up a VR rig on their end!