In the (virtual) Spotlight

May 15, 2018

If you’ve been to our office or read our blog, you’ve no doubt heard the buzz about Virtual Reality. Check out this feature on how DA has been working with the Prospect software from Iris VR to explore a new dimension in collaboration. Here is an excerpt:

Many of our clients are innovators and entrepreneurs, and several had urged us to try VR. When we had a chance to try an early version of Prospect, a big lightbulb went off. Rather than a high-tech gimmick, we saw VR’s potential to make clients more empowered partners in the design process. Until now, they had to take a huge leap of faith in hoping that architectural drawings and models would somehow match up with what they pictured. Walking through a project in VR enables them to experience proportion, scale, and lighting in a naturally intuitive way.

To learn more about how DA has been using VR to enhance the way we work with people, or to learn more about Iris VR, read here.



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