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Green 2.0
With sustainability becoming a household word, a second wave is on the horizon. Join us as we investigate new tools and technologies to help bring individual, community, and environmental values into better balance.




Design at a Distance
Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to think widely, collaborate closely, and design locally. Learn more about how our project in Iowa combined modern details and materials with flooring from an Amish farmhouse, cabinets made from foundation formboards, and other industrial materials. See more on Yum Yum Farm




(Re) Nesting
Many of our clients are “empty-nesters” whose lives and homes are anything but empty. In an upcoming e-mail, we’ll share what we’ve learned about this growing demographic and how to meet their changing needs.
See more on The Nest



Real. Simple
An increasing number of our clients are seeking design solutions that both enrich and simplify their lives. Discover how less can be more–more fulfilling and more fun.



What’s next for you?
Over the years, we’ve helped many clients understand the building process, evaluate their options, formulate a vision, and develop a concrete plan for realizing it. Upsize, downsize, organize, even exercise (your creativity)–we can help you design your future. Contact us

– A modular approach to second homes
– Creative recycling
– Innovative multi-family housing
– Living Building Challenge


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