Holiday Bonspiel

December 22, 2016

Sheet, stone, house, counter… While these terms could easily refer to the work we do on a daily basis, in this case they refer to the sport of curling. For the DeForest Architects’ Reindeer Games this year, we gathered our colleagues and family members for a fun session at Seattle’s Granite Curling Club.

Few of us were legitimately prepared for the athletic feats that are required of the sport. Imagine holding a position somewhere between a lunge and a plank, with the front foot on a material made to be as slippery as can be and with each hand holding a different object, then releasing the stone from one hand, all while hovering in motion over the ice as delicately as possible. The sweeping part of the game was a little easier to grasp and it was excellent for staying warm in the chilly room, but its power to guide the stone remained elusive to most of us. There were a few spills, but all in all the DA crew took on this new activity with gusto, grins and grace.

Happy Holidays from DeForest Architects!


Michael aiming for the house while Janie sets up on the hacks


Group 2 laying brushes down on the button as they break for refreshments