Collaboration Next: From Hands-on to VR Holodeck

November 23, 2016

Local. Remote. Real. Virtual. Combining community engagement and cutting edge Iris VR software is creating new opportunities for close collaboration wherever it finds us. John and Melissa recently led a workshop exploring these possibilities as part of the multi-disciplinary Bend Design Conference.


Working in small groups, workshop participants brainstormed and use ‘old-school’ drawing and model-making tools to prototype ideas. After a fun, freewheeling design session, the group chose one idea to be computer-modeled back at our office in Seattle.  From there, our Seattle office worked nonstop until the model was ready to be emailed back to Bend where Geoff set up a VR workstation (our ‘Holodeck’) for participants to ‘walk through’ their creation!


Set up on a dark stage amid the celebratory mood of the cocktail party, we led participants of the workshop through the 3D model. There was not a single person that did not have a big smile on their face when they re-emerged from their virtual world. Us too!


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