Artisanal Microlobby—HM Duke Design and Upholstery Studio

September 15, 2016

For our second installation featuring the work of local artists and craftspeople, we have collaborated with Andy Beers of Ore Studios to showcase HM Duke Design and Upholstery Studio.

Nearly thirty years ago, the purchase of a Danish chair frame in need of reupholstering began a deep appreciation for fine furniture that would eventually become HM Duke Design, Bill Herzog’s Seattle-based upholstery studio. Alongside careers as both a winemaker and a touring musician, Herzog managed to fit apprentice upholstery training into his schedule between rock tours. With these formal skills, and a genuine passion for furniture and design, he formally opened HM Duke Design. Since the studio was established in 2011, several master upholsterers have been added to the team. HMDD focuses much of their work on pieces from the second half of the twentieth century, though classic antique upholstery is also within their expertise. In addition, they retain a few select commercial clients who appreciate the high skill level that is applied to every project.

Have a seat! Come by to visit us at 1148 NW Leary, and check out our display of their work and story.